The 5 best rental agency websites in Vietnam

Foreigners who come to live in Vietnam will face many difficulties because language barriers, cultural gaps, or social relationships have to be rebuilt from scratch. However, one of the first challenges that every person who comes to live or settle is to find reputable rental information.

Currently, there are many websites with full Real estate rental information. However, for foreigners who have just come to Vietnam, identifying a reputable website is not easy. Below, we suggests the top 5 rental websites in Vietnam that foreigners should refer to.

Rentapartment Agency

Rentapartment Agency is one of the largest apartment rental sites in Ho Chi Minh. With a huge amount of information and apartment, coverage across all provinces and cities nationwide, Rentapartment Agency is the most reliable company for foreigners looking to rent an apartment in Saigon.


The website provides information on homes for rent, properties for sale, and Vietnam real estate market news and tips for tenants. Furthermore, foreigners can find a list of full-fledged rental brokers on the website, ensuring the security of their rental transactions.

Address: P7.32.04, Vinhomes Central Park, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC


Phone: 0903044551

Email: [email protected]


As one of the largest rental websites in Vietnam. At Dotproperty, foreigners not only look for rental housing information, but also information on real estate sales and market fluctuations for investment purposes.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the safety of foreign transactions through the website, reputable brokers will be authenticated by Dotproperty and displayed with a check mark “Verified by Seller”.

As a result, foreigners who are new to Vietnam will feel more secure working with these brokers and the rate of finding a house like that will be higher.

Alpha Housing

Alphahousing is the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi. They are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs and wants.


This rental website is intended for foreigners who intend to live in Hanoi. Alpha Housing synthesizes information on rental houses, villas, apartments, offices and other types of real estate.

Foreigners who view the rental newsletter can contact the broker directly if the need arises. Or, if you cannot find a rental you want, foreigners can also leave information and will be more support.

Address:  No. 809, Vuon Dao Building, 689 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi.


Phone: 0934 363 998

Email: [email protected]


Is a general real estate rental website for foreigners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Foreigners can choose different criteria in the same search thanks to the smart filter of the website. From there, you can save time searching and get more efficiency.

In addition, Chotot also provides office rental information in Ho Chi Minh City. This service for foreigners wishing to find offices in Hanoi is also being urgently completed, in order to bring the most complete experience when using website.


Is a multi-information website for foreigners intending to live or travel to Vietnam. In particular, Dothi specializes in providing rental housing information in Da Nang and Hoi An, the two leading cities worth living in Vietnam.

In addition, foreigners can search for other information related to local tourism, culture and society, and update the latest information to be able to catch up with life in Vietnam.

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